October 26 - 29, 2017

International Centre Hall 2&3, Mississauga



International Centre Hall 2&3, Mississauga ON
Easy Access!
Free Parking!

WHEN? 2017 Dates

Thursday Oct. 26 
3pm - 10 pm
Friday Oct. 27
12pm - 10pm 
Saturday Oct. 28 
10am - 8pm 
Sunday Oct. 29
10am - 6pm

2016 Admission Rates

Adults (Age 18-64)

Juniors(Age 11-17)

Seniors (Age 65+)

Children (10 and under)
Free with an Adult 

Family Pass
(2 Adults +2 Juniors)

*Taxes or surcharges included

2016 Rail Jam


"Bosse Snowparks has totally revamped the design for this years Toronto Snow Show Rail Jam. The new layout has tons of new elements adding a Quarterpipe to wallride/high bar stall feature, a tabletop jump feature that can be used to gap to rail and box features or just throw your best jump tricks. All this will be surrounded by boxes, ledges, rails, urban wallride and Toejam feature. We really wanted to try and incorporate every park feature possible on one platform for maximum rider creativity for both Ski and Snowboard. Most rail and box features will be able to move around on the platform for the weekend to allow more options for all abilities. We look forward to seeing everyone out to enjoy and throw down on this new fresh setup!!! 

Online Registration is now closed, but onsite registration will be available.  For questions and inquires please email: snowshowtoronto@gmail.com

THURSDAY:             BEST TRICK CONTEST                 $25.00 
FRIDAY:                    PRO-AM QUALIFIER                      $50.00
SATURDAY:             PRO – AM      FINAL
SUNDAY:                  JUNIOR JAM                                    $25.00                                   
Registration: Thursday 2-5pm, Friday 11-5pm, Saturday 11am 


: are mandatory !

Waiver:  All riders must submit a signed waiver onsite. If you are under the age of 18, please have your parent sign it ahead of time (see attachment).

Bib must be visible: Bibs are valid for the duration of the event.  Don’t lose it.

REFUNDS – Zero refunds.  Due to missed competition heat, injury or equipment malfunctions.  Please inspect the feature before paying any fees.

Rock Star Energy Drink  - Best Trick Contest

Back again for 2016 is the Thursday night “ best trick contest”. Come sesh the first hits of the season for cash and prizes.  It is a best trick contest so top prizes will be awarded at the end of the night, but to keep the jam fun and competitive our MC will call out some tricks and the rider to nail it will get some extra cash. 

Thursday night: Rock Star Energy Drink Best Trick Contest
Warm up   Ski 4:00 pm  Snowboard 4:30 pm
Competition 5:00 – 8:00

- Open Jam format
- MC calls tricks, best rider to nail it gets some cash

- Best trick for Ski & Snow

*All riders must pick up a bib before they can compete

Pro – Am Rail Jam

Both Pro & AM riders have qualifying on Friday if you can’t make the qualifier on Friday this year we are including a wild card qualifier on Saturday morning before the event. Space is limited so email us if you choose a wild card qualifier on Saturday.  torontosnowshow@gmail.com

Each heat will have a quick of warm up sesh, followed by a 20 min judged jam session. 

Friday  - Qualifiers

12:00             Riders meeting      
 1:00              Am Snowboard         
 1:10              Am Snow 
 2:00              Women Snow
 2:20              Am Ski
 3:00              Pro Ski                      
 4:00              Pro Snowboard
 5:00              Open Riding
6:00               Feature Maintenance
7:00               Open Jam Night photo shoo
 9:00              Feature Closed 

Saturday – Finals

Wild Card Qualifier 
11:30              Pro-Am           Ski 
11:45              Pro-Am           Snowboard
12:00              Riders Meeting

Pro-AM  Women 
12:15              Pro-Am           Women Ski
12:35              Pro-Am           Women Snowboard

Amateur Ski
1:00                Semi Finals    Warm Up
1:20                Ski                   Finals

Amateur Snowboard
1:40                Semi Finals    Warm Up
2:00                HEAT #1        Semi Finals
2:20                HEAT #2        Semi Finals
2:45                Am Snow        Finals

Pro Ski Finals

3:10                Pro                  Warm Up
3:30                Pro                  Finals

Pro Snowboard

4:00                Pro                  Warm Up
4:15                Pro                  Finals
5:00               Awards          

Sunday  Junior Jam

12:00              Jr. Jam Skiers
1:00                Jr Jam Snowboarders
2:30                AWARDS

2016 Rail Jam Results:

    1- William Buffey
    2- Cameron Spalding
    3-  Sam Koven

    1- Sommer Gendron
    2- Jasmine Baird
    3- Jackie Carlson 

    1- Kyle Mattice
    2 -Jack Pritchard
    3- Daniel Robinson 

    1- Elyssa Wilmott 

    1- Chloe Stormgaard
    2- Shondra Charbonneau 

    1- Kristina Heino
    2- Leanna King
    3-  Kiranjit Phagurha 

    1-  Geoff Lovelace
    2- Mark Draper
    3-  Nick Van Gelder 

   1-  Danny Gilbota 
   2-  Mark Branwell
   3-  Quin Ellul




Rockstar Energy Drink will be hosting a recharge zone offering guests a place to power up their phones and refuel themselves with our newest energy beverages. In addition to a lively atmosphere and shelter while watching the rail jam competitions, fans will have the unique experience of interacting with professional Rockstar Energy athlete Phil Casabon and the Rockstar energy models. And if a free sample of our products isn’t enough, select lucky fans will have the opportunity to win limited edition Rockstar Energy merchandise.

2016 Waiver

International Centre Hall 2 & 3

6900 Airport Road  
Mississauga, ON
L4V 1E8